Throughout the short history of NETCO the element that has shouted loudest and gained most attention has been the strength and depth of public support for the project and its aims. Despite this, the Committee entered into a crowdfunding campaign very excited but with a little touch of nervousness in the background. We hoped that crowdfundng would do two key things, obviously give us money to help fund the feasibility study but also further demonstrate commitment to the project in the universal language of cold, hard cash….Would it be successful?


Well we were right to be excited and any small nagging worries were unfounded. We blew through the first target of £3000 in quick time and went on to raise £5,500. This is a truly astonishing amount of money to raise in a couple of months. We’re so grateful to those that threw further support behind us. Huge, huge thanks to all that donated. We’re absolutely committed to making the most of your money and ultimately delivering the facility we all want.


The money has put us on a really strong footing. It is already catching the attention of funders and we are very confident we’ll raise the cash required to get the feasibility study kicked off in the near future. There are many steps to achieving our goal but we feel we’ve taken a really significant one thanks to the power of crowdfunding.


As ever, keep and eye out for updates and keep spreading the word.