NETCO have been working to deliver a new mountain biking facility in Aberdeenshire for two years now. One of the key things we have been building up to over that period is an independent feasibility study into our proposals. Late in 2016 all elements were in place to for this study to take place and as we write this the study is ongoing. As we have emphasised many times, the study is crucial to the future of our project. We want the study to do two main things. Firstly to narrow down to a preferred venue from a list of three and secondly to explore the financial viability of our plans.

In 2016 we appointed Collective Trax Ltd to deliver the study through a competitive tender exercise. Collective Trax was founded by Tom Durham, founder chairman of the award-winning Scottish Mountain Biking Consortium. Tom has over 15 years’ experience in the mountain bike industry, as a guide & coach, consultant, and ground worker; and has worked extensively in the UK and overseas. The company has been involved in a number of mountain bike developments across Scotland, delivering both feasibility and design consultancy, as well as trail builds.

For our study, Collective Trax have brought together a multi-disciplinary team with extensive practical experience of MTB trail design and construction, tourism and leisure development, quantity surveying and landscape ecology. All the elements we need to deliver a quality study! We’ve been very impressed by the team to date. From what we have seen, we think the outputs are going to be hugely exciting. We expect to have the final study in summer this year.

You can find more on Collective Trax at: