We recently caught up with Kyle to find out more about him and why he is keen to financially support the Gravitate North East project

Who is Kyle Mowbray?

Always an interesting question which can be answered in many different ways, starting with the present; I’m a 46 year old (almost 47) cycling enthusiast who works in the oil and gas industry as a completions consultant (it pays for the n+1 bikes and cycling holidays). My main sport is road cycling, in which I have represented GB at amateur level, but I also love mountain biking and have done so for many years (although my willingness to do crazy stuff has dwindled significantly over time). I’m a graduate of Aberdeen University and an ex-Royal Naval Petty Officer. I am married to Lucy (a fellow cyclist) and have two Labradors; Pele & Maggie.

What are your own adventure sports interests?

My main sport, as mentioned, is road cycling; this forms a combination of road racing and time-trialing (the latter of which is the latest adventure). I have also been mountain biking for some years, mainly for pleasure with friends from Uni (when we get the chance to get out together) and have taken part in a couple of endurance events; Relentless24 and Ten more in Moray.

How did you first find out about the Gravitate Project?

This would be through friends that I occasionally go mountain biking with who had more of a finger on the pulse than I did. I then gained more interest and knowledge of the project from a fundraising evening at the Belmont Cinema. I then became a member shortly after.

What inspired you to buy into the Raw Alloy Investor/Donor package?

With the huge task the Gravitate team has in raising the required funds for the project, it became obvious to me to try and assist in any way I could to help them achieve the required goal and financial target. I have bought into the vision of the Gravitate team and their willingness to ensure that the North East has a centre where mountain biking and other outdoor sports, can grow and be encouraged.

Kyle (right) pictured with Martin Byers (Gravitate Chair) receiving his Raw Alloy Donor certificate at the Gravitate 2020 AGM.

What sort of impact do you think the Durris adventure park will have on the local community?

I am hoping this will have a great impact on not only the local community, but everyone in the North East who wants to have access to the outdoor pursuits that the centre is offering. It will of course encourage the mountain bikers of the area to get more involved in the support and growth of the project, but also the cycling community as a whole.

What advice would you give to anyone else who is thinking about becoming a donor or investor?

As the Nike campaign stated; Just do it !!! Every little helps; be it £1 or £10,000. Knowing that you are helping the project to be realised is a great personal feeling, especially when it can get more people outdoors, off their computers and enjoy what the North East can offer in terms of adventure and wellbeing.

If you have been inspired by Kyle’s story and want to find out more about investing or donating to support Gravitate, please get in touch using the contact form on our website.