Our vision is to create an exciting and innovative, outdoor mountain bike park in Aberdeenshire, having a selection of trails that suit different abilities within groups and families.  An uplift, ferrying riders and bikes uphill will also be sought to increase participation and to offer something which is not yet provided in Aberdeenshire.  The facility will follow the example of other mountain biking led-resorts around the world.  Creating fun, safe and accessible facilities.

Gravitate North East will work with landowners, community groups, other charities and authorities to ensure that the needs of the residents and visitors are met.  Funds will vary over time and, therefore,  will operate a portfolio of opportunities to match to funds that are available.  Mitigating the risk of one project stalling and the activity of the charity being put on hold, also allowing opportunities to be taken when they are most likely to proceed. This may include a phased approach to a development on one site. 

The facility will be close to existing infrastructure; providing easy access to local facilities and integrated with the local community. The facility should either expand a known mountain biking area, or mitigate a local problem or demand, such as limited parking in an area.  The facility should have the potential to include a building that can form a centre providing refreshments, biking facilities, space for business partners, community groups and other adventure tourism activities.

Gravitate North East activities will be ecologically sustainable and strive to increase the net biodiversity in areas in which we work. We will understand the impact of our activities, the land management and environment, and the benefits our projects can bring to biodiversity.

In addition to the many health and social benefits that the facility will bring, it will also act as the catalyst for stimulating a positive economic growth cycle based around adventure sports tourism. Local business will benefit as visitor numbers to the area increase The local community will benefit by having access to exciting outdoor adventure experiences in close proximity to major population hubs.


Gravitate North East is a charity with a group of trustees, a committee and members (a two-tier membership SCIO charity). This structure is required to access funds from large charities and funding authorities. It provides a clear link to the mountain-biking community, and a clear identity  when dealing with community groups.

Our aim is to deliver this vision by forming partnerships and working alongside key sports, tourism and economic regeneration bodies such as Scottish Cycling, Aberdeenshire Council, Opportunity North East, Visit Aberdeenshire and Scottish Enterprise.

The following series discuss why this facility is needed, what the benefits will be and what the vision looks like for the future. They also describe how we engage with the community, who will benefit and the way forward for the project.