How do we achieve the objectives? What is our strategy? Gravitate North East has experience of the wide range of issues that make or break a project. The strategies below will address these issues and help us reach our objective.

Non-Profit Charity – Gravitate North East is a charity with a group of trustees, a committee and members (a two-tier membership SCIO charity). This structure is required to access funds from large charities and funding authorities. It provides a clear link to the mountain-biking community, and a clear identity  when dealing with community groups.

Portfolio Of Opportunities – We are relying on grant funding to build our facilities. The value, aims and access to these funds varies over time and, therefore, Gravitate North East will operate a portfolio of opportunities to match to funds that are available. 

A portfolio will mitigate the risk of one project stalling, because of land access, funding, ground conditions, or planning, and the activity of the charity being put on hold. And allowing opportunities to be taken when they are most likely to proceed. This may include a phased approach to a development on one site. 

Development And Project Management – Gravitate North East will maintain strong project management, planning, and other skills required to develop the project. It will work through a stepwise process to evaluate opportunities. It will maintain good contact with the local contractors with relevant expertise.

Ecology & Land management – Although not aiming to be an active land manager, we will understand the land management of our sites, the constraints and implications of developing a mountain biking facility. This will extend to the ecological impact of our activity, and of others, by drawing on the expertise of all interested groups.

Trail Design – Gravitate North East will understand the best practice in trail design and construction through good relationships with others. We will understand the design and business model of other sites. We will continue to work closely with other mountain bike facilities, particularly in the north East of Scotland to ensure that area as a whole provides an attractive venue for mountain-biking. We will continue to maintain hand dug trails under the Aberdeenshire Trail Association.

Community Engagement – Gravitate will actively engage with other charities, community groups, authorities and funders to promote Aberdeenshire as a mountain biking  venue. It will seek to understand the needs of local community groups, interest groups and businesses to support them in shared interests.