Gravitate North East has four guiding aims for mountain biking in Aberdeenshire


Sustainable Economic Growth

Raise the national and global profile of Aberdeenshire as a destination for mountain biking.

It will follow the example of other mountain biking led-resorts around the world, and increase tourism, diversify the economy, and stimulate growth in other types of adventure tourism.

All in keeping with the heritage of the northeast of Scotland.

increase participation in mountain biking.

Promote active, healthy and happier lifestyles through mountain biking.

We will create fun, safe and accessible facilities that promote the positive impacts of outdoor recreation on both physical and mental well-being. 

Work with landowners, community groups, other charities and authorities to ensure that the needs of the residents and visitors are met.

Commercial Sustainability

Develop projects that are self-funding when they are operating, balancing the scale of the initial investment against future operating cost.

An income will be generated that allows the facilities to be well maintained,  to grow, to develop future projects and support access and participation.

Ecologically Sustainable And Increase Net Biodiversity

Ecologically sustainable and strive to increase the net biodiversity in areas in which we work.

We will understand the impact of our activities, the land management and environment, and the benefits our projects can bring to biodiversity.